Unity- the best solution for game developers!

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Since its release 2005, Unity has remained to the leading third party game making solution for most game developers. When it was released, Unity was initially meant for OSX only, but now it has grown to support more than 20 platforms. Developed by Unity Technologies, Unity is regarded as multi platform game development with Unity engine that is solely meant for development for video games and simulations for computers.

Some of the features of Unity that any developer might be interested to note are that Unity supports both 2D and 3D and is scripted through C# and unity script. It also supports drag and drops functionality. The other feature that is associated with Unity game development engine is that it targets different and specific graphic APIs in different operating systems. For windows operating system, for example, Unity targets Direct3D and OpenGL, OpenGL for Linus and MacOS and OpenGL LES on Android and iOS. For the web, unity targets WebGL and proprietary APIs on the video game consoles.

The ultimate result of these features of Unity game development engine is that games developed by unity can support a range of operating systems ranging from mobile or such as android to computer operating systems like the window, Linux, and MacOS. This assures you as a developer that resulting product of your creativity (game) will not be limited to specific operating system and the market is guaranteed.

Having heightened this great feature of unity, it thus goes without saying that as a game developer, and more if you are considering to get into custom game development services, you should see to it your games are supported by a number of operating systems or you have the version for various platforms. This not only gives an advantage in the market and also increases your target market by meeting the needs of various clients with various platforms

Zgames – Unity service provided you may need to consider

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One of the reasons why you should consider placing an order with zgames is that zgames offer Unity game developed services. Considering features of Unity game development engine heightened earlier, in this article, zgames becomes your best choices.

Other services offered by zgames that you might be interested in apart from what we have already mentioned is game design development document and educational game development. For gamblers, zgames have something for you. They provide gambling mechanics and even advanced game mechanics.

And if the experience is what makes you tick, zgames have 9 years’ experience in the mobile game development and have done a number of projects that are ranging from proprietary title to contract works. For exemplary and outstanding work delivery, zgames have always done their projects in collaboration with other world leading developers and consultants. When is said and done, what you should aim at having the best game development experience thus the best product in the market? As developers always remember who your clients might be and might be there needs that your intent of the meeting.