Apps for Smart Home by Qulix

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Smart Home Applications

Qulix system has been an excellent supplier for smart home applications. It is a worldwide and counseling company that gives arrangement oriented methodologies and custom software application development services to its customers over multiple business domains. Smart home systems development or IoT systems are the most recent, trending and in thing technology for homes today.

The products of smart home technology by Qulix System inherently implies devices, appliances or systems that are connected to a typical network that is freely and remote controlled. Smart home technologies are to help in making the work less demanding and furthermore give somebody genuine feelings of serenity. This is by disentangling basic routines by having them across the board systems and makes it simple to check and manage them.

Owning smart home techs will make it easy for you to run all your home appliance, gadgets, and devices from one main issue. You additionally get the opportunity to have maximum security for your home for example association with movement sensors reconnaissance and other security measures and customizing them to give cautions when something happens.

You also gain to remote power all your home functions notwithstanding when you are not home. For example, you can utilize your remote control systems to be preheating your oven even before you return home to begin cooking. Also, you get the opportunity to have enhanced appliances. For example, a good oven to properly cook your chicken without the stress that it might overcook.

Having a smart home device will likewise enable you to save up on your energy and furthermore increment flexibility when new gadgets and appliances are included. According to Qulix systems – custom software development company in USA for smart home developments, here are some interesting, smart devices that you can have in your house.

The Mirror

There has a ton more about it. This smart gadget has windows ten installed in it. It has a multi touch screen and a voice control as well. You can read your emails, make calls, send emails, as you do your hair. At the point when in not being used it can be used as a good mirror.

A multi room loudspeaker system

This system empowers you to play your music from a computer or gushing administration from any corner of your home. This internet of things software development system has a flexible expansion while a single loud speaker can be reached out to another to get an encompass sound.

The loud speakers are synchronized and supplemented to have a good cover sound impact. The speaker has a touchscreen interface, so you simply play your music by only moving your finger. The speakers can operate on voice charge too. This system is installed with five microphones to perceive your charges even from a far at a distance of 5 meters.

The floating smart watch charger.

Lift a wireless charger utilizes magnetic fields to give energy to your Apple watch and furthermore make you smart watch float noticeable all around. It’s circle which is a spherical light floats similarly as the smart watch on the induction surface and furthermore glows atmospheric light. The system has a battery which also acts a perfect smaller charger amid travel.


Moorebot can be a great assistant to you at your house or your office. It can read, sing, take and send pictures and messages and even dance. He will remind you of your arrangements read notes for you and give all the development and happenings at your home. It has an eye that moves unreservedly and can have human-like expressions and moods. It has a little camera installed in its eye to take pictures and videos and monitor your encompassing areas. This is one interesting, smart home appliance. It is fun as well.

Fridge cam

This will enable you to check on your food and its expiry date notwithstanding when you are not home. The gadget with a magnetic base can be installed in your fridge. Its smart cam takes pictures each time you close your fridge and sends them to your telephone. You will have the capacity to perceive what is required from the supermarket or grocery shop. There are also smart mats that accompany it, which are small platforms that are put under all beverages and sends warning to your Smartphone when they are empty or even full.